Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I sing of movies glad and big

so I'm at home. most all day, most all days. and something's got to be on the television keeping me company (I can't always tell whether or not the French Open is tape-delayed or not. today they're showing Monfils-Federer (w/ Monfils winning), then next thing I know they're showing Federer-Gonzalez which was over yesterday).

so yesterday one of the HBO channels ran Money Train twice. and I like movies with a New York setting (New Orleans setting, too), though very little above ground spoke New York and I imagine most of the subway footage, particularly the wreck of the money train, was actually filmed here).
so I've got it on, to keep me company, and for the first time realize that Robert Blake is a convicted murderer, Wesley Snipes a convicted tax cheat. and I'm guessing that Woody Harrelson's been convicted of something.
I also, for the first time, realize that Chris Cooper is the extremely awful bad guy who goes around burning transit workers (like Jennifer Lopez) in their ticket booths.

today it's American Beauty. a better movie, of course, but particularly I'm reminded of Chris Cooper's role as the whacked-out former Marine next door (married to an under-utilized Allison Janney) and Atlanta native Alan Ball as screenwriter (just a couple years before Six Feet Under).
and boy, Wes Bentley kind of disappeared, eh? (no need to dwell on Peter Gallagher, but) isn't Thora Birch a great name?

recent (as in already this week) pubs: a long Q and A with Waco Brother and Mekons member Jon Langford and the much-awaited (well, rare at the very least as I don't believe he's given many, if any, other domestic interviews for print in '08) Robert Plant piece for the Voice.

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