Friday, March 21, 2008

you can indict a ham sandwich but you can't tuna fish

more than three months after her husband's death, Janet Redmond-Mercereau has been indicted.

those investigating the case had pretty much zeroed in on Ms. Redmond-Mercereau from the beginning as shortly before dawn on a December morning, Douglas Mercereau, a New York City fire marshall, was shot in the head three times with his own service revolver while his wife and two young daughters slept in another room.

Ms. Redmond-Mercereau claimed that she didn't hear the gunfire because she was wearing earplugs. prosecutors say that she didn't call 911 until more than two hours after the shooting because she not only took "several" showers but also ran the gun through the dishwasher.

Mario Gallucci, lawyer for the accused, expected the indictment all along.
"You can indict a ham sandwich," Gallucci said.

which is news to me.

(the sky above New York, by the way, is brilliant tonight. deep blue, despite the hour, fronted by a glowing, almost completely full moon and fast-moving, dark, yet pink-bottomed clouds. if only there wasn't so much work to do.)

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