Tuesday, January 15, 2008

today I had a worse day than marion jones

and I don't even care how she spent it (how's that for competitive?).

has anyone else noticed that Apple stock is down around 15% year-to-date?
that includes another 5.5% shear (not quite ten dollars) today, and its down another six bucks after hours thanks to Intel missing their earnings by two cents.

"and I'm free/freefallin'"

it is not pretty out there, sports fans.

last movie I ever saw: The Best Man (Cliff Robertson was better than I expected (pretty much only knew him from those old AT&T commercials), but Henry Fonda's character and performance was a little limp, I thought - three out of five)

the one before that: This Is England (in the same vein as American History X but less animalistic, less violent, more human; and child actors usually annoy the snot out of me but this kid, Thomas Turgoose, did a fine job - four out of five)

the one before that: Klimt (I'm a huge John Malkovich fan, but this one is for completists only - two out of five)

and the one before that: Brief Encounter (maybe I'm not the melodrama type; actually I'm definitely not the melodrama type - three and a half out of five)

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