Wednesday, January 23, 2008

more john sayles

well, the "at . . . near at . . . near City" has been corrected.

so I would've been through with this particular topic for the week, the month, whenever, except John Sayles was the "guest programmer" on Turner Classic this evening.
he started with Park Row, then Treasure of the Sierra Madre (saying that it was his "favorite American film"), Two Women started about twenty minutes ago and Paisan will begin at 1:30 EST.

all of which rang a few bells regarding some interview material (with John Sayles, of course) that hasn't been published.
so . . .

Name one thing you’ve never ever done.

"Jump out of an airplane."

Name something that you’ve done once and one time only.

"Ride a horse."

Name a book that you’ve read at least twice.

"Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Once in English and once in Spanish."

Name a movie that you’ve seen at least three times.

"Treasure of the Sierra Madre."

so as long as we're here . . .

last movie I ever saw: Treasure of the Sierra Madre

the one before that: Lianna (directed by John Sayles)

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