Sunday, October 21, 2007

your entertainment tax dollars at work, cont'd

(and yes, I realized that Game 7 of the American League Championship Series is still on, but I find Cleveland's collapse more than a little disheartening. in any case, I'll be root root rooting for the Rockies once the Series starts.
speaking of, Rockies World Series tickets go on sale in approx. 12 hours and fifty minutes (call it noon Eastern))

an enjoyable Bloodshot Records party at Union Pool on Saturday (we caught sets by The Silos, hahatonka and Centro-Matic, plus a couple of fresh grilled cheeseburgers), the Auburn-LSU game a little less so. yeah, it was a tight, hard fought game and we could nitpick more than a couple of officials' calls and spots, but I thought both teams played well and, yeah, LSU's probably the better team.
but what gripes my ass (and what I'm sure will continue to gripe my ass for some time to come) is the unbelievably irresponsible time management and play calling by Les Miles and staff in the last twenty seconds of the game.
and the fact that they got away with it.

Auburn, by the way, is the only three loss team currently ranked in any of the major Top 25 polls (somewhere around 22, 23 in most)

the last movies I ever saw:

The Passion of the Christ - yeah, it was brutal as hell and the major players spoke Aramaic. but then what?
2 stars out of five

The Black Dahlia - not that Aaron Eckhart or Josh Hartnett were any great shakes in this one, but I never thought I'd see a movie in which Hilary Swank annoyed me as much as Scarlett Johansen. believe me, it was a close call.
2 stars

The Fabulous Baker Boys - the ratio of attractive reformed/recovering prostitutes in the movies versus attractive reformed/recovering prostitutes in real life: about a 1,000,000 to one.
two and a half stars

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