Wednesday, October 10, 2007

want to see the moz in nyc?

unfortunately (for Morrissey (who, in the photo above, looks like he's smelling rancid meat (or maybe, in Morrissey's case, just meat))) it doesn't look like it'll be that tough to grab a ticket.

back in the summer the man cancelled several northeast dates (including Madison Square Garden, PNC Bank Arts Center (somewhere in the swamps of Jersey) and Atlantic City) due to a pesky illness (swollen throat and glands, I believe) that just wouldn't go away.
it probably wasn't a coincidence that Moz's lack of recuperation coincided with near pitiful ticket sales (especially for the MSG show; his show at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham was close to a sell-out. of course, it's a hell of a lot smaller than MSG).

so back on the road we go this fall, but already two dates in his 10-show LA stand (a very strong market for Morrissey usually) have been cancelled. a broken water main was blamed, but ticketholders, rather than being offered refunds up front, were offered substitute tickets for another night. and early shows were reportedly only about half full.

so on to New York.
five shows, from October 22 to October 28, are scheduled for Hammerstein Ballroom, and special five show packages are being offered at $200 per. but already those hardcore Moz fans may be getting ripped off for their loyalty.
on Tuesday, a special ticket drop (in more ways than one) took place for the Tuesday, October 23rd show.
how about $22 tickets (still available) versus the regular $65 price ($70 day of show)?
and now it's been announced that, starting tomorrow at noon, tickets for the Monday, October 22nd show (opening night, as it were) will be marked down to $30 per (follow this link)

Ringleader of the Tormentors is a full year and a half (and six days) old now, so maybe Morrissey, like Springsteen and the Mekons (find the reference about halfway down), should've released another album so he'd have an excuse to tour.

well, off to watch South Park.

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