Friday, October 12, 2007

more free stuffs to read and see

so, after much preparation and planning and discussion (up until the last minute with all of those actually), we began posting episodes (?) of Possibly 4th Street this week.

a walking tour with Matthew Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces posted on Tuesday (and linked back to my original Voice print piece) and our (first ever) busking trip with Rachel Cox and Patrick Sullivan of Oakley Hall posted early this morning. and while we're proud of these two starts, the series will only get better (we've already recorded another five with folks like Steve Wynn, Jim Lauderdale, Black Lips, Phosphorescent and Michelle Shocked (speaking of, our new iMac (yep, a new iMac) is currently anchored down in Anchorage. we're hoping for Monday delivery)).

also, I took the photograph of the Mekons' Tom Greenhalgh that ran alongside Rob Harvilla's column in this week's Voice, and more Mekons pics are up at last concert I ever saw (really? new pics at last concert I ever saw ? yes).

in sporting news, we'll be cheering for the Indians and the Rockies in their respective League Championship Series (and for the Rockies to win it all; how cool was it of them to vote Mike Coolbaugh's widow a post-season share? (very cool, very cool indeed)), but tomorrow night we'll be watching, intently, as Arkansas hosts Auburn. though given last year's result when we blogged the game, we will refrain from doing so this season.

album to commute home by at the end of the week: John Prine's Pink Cadillac (and I bet I'm the only person in the whole New York City subway system that that was true for)

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