Thursday, June 14, 2007

like a freakin' rollercoaster, I tell you

(sorry, it appears that the various Sopranos episodes I've been watching on A & E has affected my speech)

a reversal of fortune seems to be in the (currently cool) New York night air.
the Yankees won again tonight (7-2 over the Diamondbacks) to make it eight in a row and the Mets are losing, again, which'll make it five in a row on the downside if the LA's lead holds (Dodgers up 6-1 in the seventh - Rafael Furcal has two triples) and I believe it will.

but no assemblage has experienced life's little ups and downs this week quite like Journey.
on Sunday night, their single "Don't Stop" was used as the soundtrack of the final scene of the final episode of The Sopranos, gaining the band more attention than they've had in twenty years. then two days later the group announced that they had parted ways with Jeff Scott Soto.
one might reasonably ask, huh?
me too.
but it seems that Jeff Scott Soto had been Journey's lead singer for the last not quite ten months (who knew?).
the group also announced that they will take off the remainder of the year "to spend time with their families, write new songs and map out plans for 2008."
I'm sure they'll be missed somewhere.

much more importantly, happy birthday wishes to my niece Emily (today, June 14) and my cousin Tommy (tomorrow, June 15).

free stuff: a Village Voice feature on former Feelies frontman Glenn Mercer and a preview of the Great Lake Swimmers for Phoenix New Times (I also took the photograph for the Kings of Leon review in the Voice).

not free (but still worthy) stuff: check out the Amazon Grocery link below. free shipping (okay, maybe there is something free here) with a $25 order.

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