Wednesday, May 2, 2007

we're back

and pretty much in every sense of the word.

after a long, long week (wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, interview Kings of Leon (performing in Scotland) on Tuesday afternoon, transcribe that night, write Wednesday and Thursday while packing, working, scrambling through last minute, freakish tasks dropped on my head like a lead safe in a Three Stooges short, scrambling) before flying to Atlanta (see above pic) for a long (there's that word again), enjoyable weekend at the ARLIS (not to be confused with "Arliss") Conference where we snuck in activities like breaking bread and imbibing intoxicants with a wide variety of Southern-based friends and family, sightseeing trips to the Georgia Aquarium ("the world's largest and most engaging aquarium") and the High Museum of Art, and a beautiful Sunday morning walk through Midtown while listening to Frank Black Francis.

all in all, a lovely respite.
primary casualty? my sunglasses.
gone, it seems, like the proverbial wind (yes, we also have poor pics - which we will not be posting - of the Margaret Mitchell House).

and that Kings of Leon piece?
right here, baby.
live and in color at Kansas City's Pitch.

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