Tuesday, May 22, 2007

monday night at the webster

jesus, mary and joseph (chain)!

my first published pics in the Voice (technically the Voice music blog) (taken less than 15 hours ago) hit this morning.
and I believe it's also the first time I've ever been quoted for a Voice piece as well (I'm "the photographer")

they used two of my more darker images (though I love Jim Reid's facial expression in one, the Dylanesque quality of William Reid's hair in two). and were kind enough to link my name through to the last concert I ever saw website.

lighter, more readily visible photos (most likely grouped as Reid 1 and Reid 2; thank you again, Dr. Seuss) will be posted later this evening, ironing be damned.

click here for Harvilla's scintillating account (and my comparably scintillating photos).

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