Monday, May 21, 2007

eight unusual things we did this weekend

1. bought a Happy Meal (we now have two Puss in Boots and two Donkeys from the Shrek III collection - somebody pilfer me a Shrek figure. please.)

2. bought a lottery ticket (we didn't win, which is in no way unusual)

3. ordered the sauteed catfish filet with crushed black pepper from our local Thai establishment (rather than, say, chicken pad thai or drunk ard fried rice with shrimp (and most likely won't go that direction again - although the catfish was tasty, the rest of the dish was almost unbelievably spicy and had too many loose items (strands of peppercorns, hard shards of ginger) that had to be removed prior to ingestion. which was a pain in my tuckus.)

4. watched The Queen and The Good Shepherd (and no, watching movies on the weekend is by no definition a foreign activity, but both movies were new to us. looking for a rec? take The Queen over The Good Shepherd as the latter was remarkably uninteresting for a Cold War spy movie based on the early days of the CIA)

5. discussed NOT moving away from New York

6. ate Sunday brunch in Brooklyn (good food, good service, good choice)

7. posted some of the muchly anticipated, highly awaited pics from night two of Arcade Fire's United Palace stand (look here (you'll also find a unique shot above) but know that there is more to come)

8. "finished" (finally) my muchly anticipated, highly awaited prose piece on Hiromi scheduled to run in the Village Voice's jazz supplement in early June.

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