Wednesday, February 7, 2007

carolina - duke I: live blog: second half

Paulus converts but Carolina transitions quickly (very quickly) to Wright for the jam.

Zoubek trips, throws up trash underneath the basket. the crowd wants a foul but Zoubek is caught travelling for the third time.

Carolina loses the ball out of bounds and now we've got a foul called on Hansbrough (now wearing a bandage on his forehead, see: scrum in the paint).

Scheyer hits a three from the top of the key, Lawson loses the ball on a sloppy ass drive and Henderson converts on the breakout. but Carolina comes back to Wright for the score. McClure throws a three on a line from the key, rebound McRoberts and Terry is called for a foul.

Duke inbounds with 18:02 left and McRoberts hits the short shot from the right.

feed to Hansbrough who's doubled and Ellington misses a three on the feed and they call Hansbrough for the foul as McClure rebounds.

Scheyer misses an open shot, Deon Thompson throws up a short brick and Lawson steals a sloppy pass out front and drives for the layup.

drive by Nelson (as if he's asking, where are the defenders) to the left and Duke leads by ten.

blocking foul against Scheyer (why not? he's playing over his head so who can blame him for trying to draw the charge?) (why am I defending Dukies?)

Wright misses the first of two but hits the second. 16:33 left.

Paulus drives under the basket, throws out, nearly loses the ball but opens up and misses the shot. Duke rebounds a loose ball and Frasor steals but the pass to the following Terry is broken up. timeout.

long halfcourt possession by Carolina. McRoberts is called on the block.

Carolina still has the ball and Terry misses the jam. Duke rebounds. time to wake up, guys.

palming call against DeMarcus Nelson for the Blue Devils' 13th turnover (now they tell me).

Frasor in the corner feeds to Hansbrough who heads into McRoberts and draws the foul. that's three on McRoberts (and he didn't start).

four bounces on the rim for Hansbrough's first free throw attempt, and first free throw make. he also hits the second.

some pressure from Frasor on Paulus and Scheyer's trapped in the corner. travelling.
(yep, Scheyer's trying to do too much. but he got away with it for a while).

back to Hansbrough and Zoubek reaches in. no call.

nice drive by Henderson swatted away by Danny Green. ball out of bounds. what's the call?

how's Duke getting away with doubling Hansbrough with so much other talent on the floor?

Henderson inbounds to Scheyer, back to Paulus, Scheyer wide wide wide open and clanks the three off the back of the rim and immediately reaches in on Hansbrough for the foul (how many times have you seen that? out of control after a bad play on the other end?)

Zoubek can't jump but Reyshawn still can't control and loses the ball out of bounds.

Zoubek tries to dribble. that's funny. back at to Paulus up top. ten seconds on the shot clock. McRoberts trips over his own man, Carolina transitions and Duke is called for goaltending (Henderson) on the Frasor layup (certainly don't see Miller as much with Frasor back). timeout.

Duke inbounds and Frasor defends from the baseline. blocked pass but Duke recovers. McRoberts drives, misses the shot but gets the call on Hansbrough, his third.

McRoberts misses both (first two Duke misses of the game).

why does Hansbrough have the ball outside the arc?

airball by Terry (say it ain't so), but McRoberts acts like a thug in the paint and is called for his fourth foul (have I mentioned he didn't start?).
another timeout (inside the 12 minute mark).

my neck and shoulders are sore (yeah, I'm hunching - sue me).

Vitale suggests that it's "danger time" for Duke. God lets hope so.

basket by Hansbrough inside.

McRoberts out, of course, and Scheyer rattles a two from just inside the line.
beautiful pass by Terry to the baseline but it's passed out. Hansbrough doubled, out to Miller who hits a three from another state. damn.

Carolina within three. whistle. why? Roy Williams seems satisfied with the explanation. oh, McClure was hurt.

Paulus throws up trash, Terry transitions, out of control, is called for the foul. looks like McRoberts might be crying on the bench (which makes him, what, the 347th Duke player to cry on the court).

sloppy ass drive and sloppy ass shot put up by Paulus (who does he think he is, J.J. Redick?)

Hansbrough hits a short one from the baseline and we're tied.

Paulus throws up more shit but this one goes.

Hansbrough behind the line to the point, he drives, gets the pass and draws the foul.

I swear I think Paulus and Scheyer are having a Redick lookalike contest.

drive, can't finish, Lawson rebounds, goes back at McRoberts and comes away empty - no points and no foul.

Lawson is called for a foul on Paulus.

get the ball, go after after after McRoberts.

Paulus gets loose on the inbounds, an open shot that doesn't fall and Wright drives on the other end for two. we're tied again.

Nelson drives to no man's land but dishes to Scheyer on the baseline and he hits the three.

Lance Thomas steals in the paint and calls timeout. 7:35 left in the game and Duke has possession and a three point lead.

Duke inbounds from underneath the Carolina basket. Henderson drives, dishes to Scheyer in the right hand corner but Ellington's in his face. Scheyer misses, falls and takes Ellington with him. three made free throws (I'm guessing) when we come back from the timeout.

Scheyer misses the first (as Mike Patrick announced that he could tie Redick's consecutive free throw streak). and the third. the guy hits 40 in a row then misses two of three. good.

Carolina converts a deuce and Duke sets the offense. Henderson open inside the arc but misses. Lawson runs from the point, into Brandan Wright who gets the roll and we're tied again (McClure down again as McRobets offers no help inside (can't blame him but wish he would)).

Henderson does an around the world drive and hits from the baseline. Lawson does the same from the left, just outside the paint. streetball.

Paulus with a way out there, ugly ass brick from about five feet past the point and Terry runs the court and grabs a goaltending call on the attempted layup.

ladies and gentlemen, we're up for the first time all game.

Henderson leans in and misses again. Henderson kicks (not fouls) on the defensive end and Miller runs from the point, to Frasor, to Green over to Brandan Wright who converts two.

Nelson drives and though way out of control gets a foul call on Danny Green. he hits the first and clanks the second off the back of the rim. but beautiful block by Nelson of Hansbrough's shot.

backdoor cut by Henderson, out of control, but the shot goes in.

Frasor drives, tries to dish to Wright but it's out of control, Duke grabs, drives and we've got a foul, a television timeout, less than four minutes remain and Carolina leads by one.

Nelson misses the first. and the second. Wright rebounds and Lawson sets the offense. Hansbrough hits from just inside the foul line and we're up by three.

Henderson tries the drive again and has to dish to the corner, then Scheyer misses a close-in shot on the overrun but Terry travels on the offensive side and Wright comes out for Wes Miller.

loose ball thanks to Wes Miller and I don't know what the call was but Carolina has the ball. foul on Scheyer is the call and Wes is at the line. first of the one and one is good, but he misses the second short. Carolina up by four.

Paulus runs the offense, passes to McRoberts who twists and turns and misses an eight-footer badly.

some kind of timeout is filled with a comparison of Brandan Wright and Sam Perkins. fine by me.

Carolina ball, halfcourt offense and Lawson drives to the right of the basket and Paulus is called for a foul. wow. they gave us the basket on an NBA-type continuation. Lawson hits the free throw and we're up by seven.

Paulus forces in close and doesn't get the ball above the rim. it's all over but some more Duke crying now, boys.

Lawson back to the line after the rebounding foul. he misses. Scheyere out of control, driving away from the basket and they call a chickenshit foul on Lawson (well, he did give him a leg bump) and Scheyer hits the free throw for a career high of 26 points.

one minute left. Carolina runs a modified four corners. Lawson twists and turns through the lane - 360 - and scores.

McRoberts follows a missed shot for two and with 37.3 seconds left Carolina has the ball and a four point lead (I'm not pulling back. this game is ours).

Duke traps but Carolina passes ahead to Miller who, honestly, isn't what you would call in control, but he gets the ball off to Hansbrough who's fouled by Scheyer and, wow, it's Scheyer's fifth (who knew? he couldn't have had more than 1 at halftime) so he's gone and Hansbrough's on the line.

there's one.

there's two.

Duke calls timeout.

Paulius takes the inbound, nearly loses the ball but Nelson recovers and lays it in. Ginyard is fouled on the long pass (Duke wanted a timeout and Coach K's on the court protesting not getting it).

Ginyard bounces the first foul shot in, then clanks the second.

Paulus the long drive before his shot is swatted away by Hansbrough (telling that Brandan Wright is on the bench for nearly every defensive stand).

Hansbrough hits the first, and the second. we're up by seven with 12.8 left in the game. and another time out (what's K smoking thinking this one's not over?).

pass in to Paulus who hands to Nelson who hits a three from the next county over. and we have another timeout.

immediate foul on the inbounds pass (called on Paulus, his fifth) and Lawson returns to the line. there's one. and there's two.

three point clank off the back of the rim by Henderson and Carolina wins by six, 79-73.

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