Wednesday, February 7, 2007

carolina - duke I: live blog: first half

Duke wins the tip but fails to convert.

Carolina runs down the court but misses a short jumper from the right corner. but it's out of bounds to UNC.
what? offensive foul on Lawson? give me a break (we're at Cameron Indoor, btw).

Paulus hits a three from the left corner, Hansbrough misses a short jumper from inside the foul line and Reyshawn Terry goes up high and comes down (hard) across Danny McClure.

Henderson hits a three from the top of the key for the bad guys.

Lawson misses a three and Paulus drives, dumps left, gets the ball back after two passes and hits a two.

Green for two.

Scheyer hits a three from the left and Duke leads 10-4.

it's early, baby. no fretting yet.

awkward shot by Wright off the back rim but Green gets the left-handed tip in.

Paulus sets the offense and dishes to Henderson who hits the three from the right corner - again.

Wright blocked (boy, he looks lethargic) by Zoubek (who?).

Henderson again but misses off the back rim.

blocking foul on Duke and McRoberts comes in.

horrible inbounds pass and Scheyer has the easy layup for two. come on, guys.

foul away from the ball (huh?) on Deon Thompson and Duke leads 15-6 at the first timeout.

we're back. and McRoberts is called for an illegal screen.

Ellington rather forces a shot (well-covered) but hits it for two.

Duke passes off of Terry's foot, Carolina recovers, comes down left and passes inside to Ellington for another two.

DeMarcus Nelson for two. McRoberts on the assist.

bad pass inside but Carolina recovers in time for Ellington to shoot an ugly airball (redundant, I know - call it especially ugly - completely over the basket from no more than ten feet out).

Scheyer misses, Terry drives (weakly) and delivers a weak (yep) pass off to his left and it's out of bounds off Duke.

nice circular drive by Lawson for an easy layup and Carolina's now within five.

McRoberts scores over Hansbrough.

Lawson drives again but is blocked from behind by McClure on the tentative jumper.

turnover by McRoberts.

Lawson drives, dishes out for a three-point miss.

beautiful pass (beautiful, beautiful pass) by McRoberts to Nelson running the baseline for an impressive jam.

Hansbrough tied up in the lane by three Duke players and we move to the second timeout of the half.

possession arrow to Carolina and Hansbrough (with a cut on his forehead after the scrum in the paint) shoots and misses through a double-team. at the other end Zoubek and Terry are in a wrestling match under the Duke basket (at least Terry and Hansbrough are playing hard).

back from a timeout and damn right Zoubek walked (good defense by Hansbrough).

Ginyard draws the foul, which is a damn good thing since he had no shot at making the basket. he hits the first free throw (first free throw of the game?) and the second (nice form).

light pressure by Lawson as Paulus brings up the ball. backdoor cut but great block by Carolina and followup D by Hansbrough as McClure throws up trash and Carolina converts to Wright on the other end.
Paulus misses up close but Henderson follows with the put-in (very fast that last series) and draws the foul (on Ellington) and hits the free throw.

three-pointer by Reyshawn from the left corner.

bad looking mid-range jumper by Scheyer doesn't have a chance and Reyshawn's outlet to Hansbrough after drawing the defense to him is good for two. another timeout and Carolina trails 24-21.

we're now under 9:20 and Duke is deliberate in the half court. short jumper by Paulus. Carolina misses the jumper from the foul line.

Paulus pushes off with his right hand but isn't called. Deon Thompson is at the top of the key (blocking foul).

Paulus passes out to Scheyer at the baseline for a ugly looking three (he's gone cold) and Carolina transitions. foul on Paulus. lazy loping drive by Green misses (deservedly) and Carolina's called for a technical for grabbing the rim on the attempted follow (Deon Thompson - very young). Scheyer converts the free throw (he's got seven points now) and Paulus brings the ball upcourt. tough D by Carolina and Nelson throws to Scheyer on the baseline for another miss. Hansbrough tough D on the inside, back out to Paulus for another three-point miss and Green loses the ball off his foot on the turnover. if Duke was hitting their open threes we'd be in trouble right now. timeout.

good defense by Hansbrough and Vitale says that he's not getting enough offensive touches. Lawson drives, dishes and Ginyard misses. rebound by Zoubek and the big man walks again on the offensive end.

Carolina's not having a lot of luck in the half-court. Hansbrough gets the bounce on a ten-footer and Scheyer drives (awkwardly) from the point. foul on Wright but that guy shouldn't even have gotten that far. good foul-shooter, though, and he makes them both.

Carolina ball: Lawson brings it up and launches a quick drive for a left-handed layup.

shit. Scheyer finally hits again from three.

Hansbrough mugged by McClure but no call and the ball's out of bounds off Duke. Hansbrough sits down (watch out on defense).
horrible inbounds pass and Lawson misses a wild three.

Scheyere drives to the foul line, dishes to Paulus who misses the three from the left corner and then Carolina misses badly on the transition.
more halfcourt Duke offense.
Henderson tosses up a brick (not even looking at the basket) but Carolina doesn't block out and Scheyer (or all people) picks up the trash for two.
Wright scores from in close off the break and it's another timeout.

Vitale and Patrick are kind enough to let us know that Duke is outrebounding Carolina 17-14 (which, of course, was one of the problems against NC State).

Reyshawn Terry forces a turnover near halfcourt (gotta love Reyshawn) and there's a foul on Duke's Thomas.

turnover on Reyshawn (still love him) and Paulus drives and is fouled. can't be putting these guys on the line, can't be outrebounded by these guys, can't be giving up the open threes.

Paulus, of course, hits the first. and the second.

Carolina runs it up (QT). Wright misses a soft (soft, I tell you) jumper, but Reyshawn rebounds, passes back to Wright who drives for two.

Duke's Nelson loses the ball as he goes up for the three from the right side (must be that slippery NBA ball).

QT lofts a soft, lazy shot that misses.

nice pass inside to McClure but Carolina (Reyshawn) closes, grabs the ball and Reyshawn (gotta love Reyshawn) hits a three from the left corner. just about a minute left.

Scheyer misses from the left corner and Ellington does another around the world drive (seemingly having no idea where the hell he is or is going) and is blocked by McClure.

Paulus drives and is fouled.









Paulus hits the first, then the second and Duke is 9 for 9 on the line.

Lawson drives, gives to Terry, back to Lawson, and Ginyard hits a runner from just inside the foul line.

Scheyer runs and misses inside the lane, Wright gets the rebound and the half is over. Duke leads by five, 39-34.

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