Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the commerce of death

just a couple of hours ago it was announced that Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett passed away, most likely last Friday. he was sixty years old.
after writing most of the band's first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Barrett, of course, quit the group in 1968 following a likely drug-induced breakdown and lived a reclusive life in his mother's basement apartment in Cambridge.

not surprisingly, sales of Barrett's solo output have now skyrocketed. Barrett has moved from #8647 yesterday to #208 in Amazon's sales rankings. Opel has moved from 53,914 to #889, Wouldn't You Miss Me? The Best of Syd Barrett from #58,519 to #343 and The Radio One Sessions from #77,251 to #541.

the hands-down winner, however, is The Madcap Laughs which finished yesterday at #31,220 and now stands at #146. whether the rise is due to its comparatively lurid title or the generally accepted belief that it is Barrett's best solo work is still unknown.

another recently announced passing is that of Commodores founding member Milan Williams. sales of Commodores albums appear unaffected.

God bless Syd Barrett and God bless Milan Williams.

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