Thursday, April 25, 2024

the last book I ever read (Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans by Louis Armstrong, excerpt four)

from Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans by Louis Armstrong:

Mama Lucy and Sarah Ann both had a great sense of humor, and I loved them both. The three of us struggled together pretty near all our lives, but despite our hardships I would gladly live it all over again. With fifteen cents Mayann could make the finest dishes you would ever want to eat. When she sent me to the Poydras Market to get fifteen cents’ worth of fish heads she made a big pot of “cubie yon” which she served with tomato sauce and fluffy white rice with every grain separate. We almost made ourselves sick eating this dish.

I thought her creole gumbo was the finest in the world. Her cabbage and rice was marvelous. As for red beans and rice, well, I don’t have to say anything about that. It is my birth mark.

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