Tuesday, October 24, 2023

the last book I ever read (Onlookers: Stories by Ann Beattie, excerpt five)

from Onlookers: Stories by Ann Beattie:

They’d been at this ridiculous task too long, Case was saying. And why did people not call when they said they would? This rarely happened when there were landlines, but a cell phone apparently provided the opportunity to blame technology. Was there, or was there not, a problem about the potential resettling of Richmond’s statue of Robert E. Lee? He did the windup to the pitch and threw another bulb. He agreed entirely: Jonah shouldn’t be wasting his time trying to plant flowers that might or might not bloom, considering climate change. That asshole, Case was saying, who ran off with that polo player—they deserved to be ruled by Boris Fucking Johnson, who was nothing but another tarted-up Trump on Halloween. Case strode off, frowning furiously.

Well, that was cool, at least: his uncle totally got the relationship between Boris Johnson and Trump.

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