Thursday, August 17, 2023

the last book I ever read (Rememberings: Scenes from My Complicated Life by Sinéad O'Connor, excerpt nine)

from Rememberings: Scenes from My Complicated Life by Sinéad O'Connor:

The people who run the music industry aren’t punk at all. They’re a bunch of frightened people. But frightened of the wrong thing—namely, music. Hence in 1991, there was a rap category at the Grammys, but they didn’t televise the award. So there was a boycott amongst the rap community. Hence I once had Public Enemy’s logo shaved and dyed onto the side of my head so it would be seen on telly all around the world.

Showbiz just got real interesting. The kids are beginning to revolt (and no one has been revolting since John Lennon died).

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