Monday, October 21, 2019

the last book I ever read (Paradise by Donald Barthelme, excerpt two)

from Paradise by Donald Barthelme:

He’s listening to one of his three radios, this one a brutish black Proton with an outboard second speaker. The announcer is talking about drummers. “Cozy Cole comes straight out of Chick Webb,” he says. Simon nods in agreement. “Big Sid Catlett. Zutty Singleton, Dave Tough. To go even further back, Baby Dodds. All this before we get to Krupa and Buddy Rich.” Simon taxes his memory in an attempt to extract from it the names of ten additional drummers. Louis Bellson. Shelly Manne. Panama Francis. Jo Jones, of course. Kenny Clarke. Elvin Jones. Barrett Deems. Mel Lewis. Charlie Persip. Joe Morello. Next, twenty bass players. Our nation is rich in talent, he thinks.

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