Sunday, December 30, 2018

the last book I ever read (Early Work: A Novel by Andrew Martin, excerpt four)

from Early Work: A Novel by Andrew Martin:

In the morning, after Julia got up and went to work, I moved as quietly as I could from the bedroom to the kitchen to make coffee. But when I glanced around the corner, I saw that Leslie was awake, lying across the length of the couch with a book held over her face and a sheet covering her body. I watched her read for a minute, her eyes a model of concentration and tranquility, her mouth twitching downward in a slight frown. I recognized the book, a hardcover anniversary reissue of Blood Meridian that I’d poached from my old job.

“Have you read that?” I said finally.

She didn’t startle, simply turned her head slightly to acknowledge me while keeping the book aloft above her head.

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