Tuesday, June 20, 2017

the last book I ever read (Denis Johnson's Seek: Reports from the Edges of America & Beyond, excerpt nine)

from Seek: Reports from the Edges of America & Beyond by Denis Johnson:

The previous year, Patricia Rudolph had taken Eric and another brother, Jamie, to a commune in Schell City, Missouri, run by the Church of Israel, which was at that time, but no longer, associated with the Christian Identity movement. Christian Identity doctrine claims that Jews descended from the union of Eve and Satan, and that Anglo-Saxons are the true Chosen People. Patricia, Eric, and Jamie stayed in the commune about six months, according to pastor Don Gayman.

In high school Eric wrote a paper arguing that the Holocaust never happened. Patricia Rudolph wouldn’t disclose her children’s Social Security numbers to school officials. Eric Rudolph later rented homes under aliases and registered vehicles under phony addresses. He has never applied for a credit card or opened a bank account.

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