Friday, April 11, 2014

the last book I ever read (Post Office by Charles Bukowski, excerpt one)

from Post Office: A Novel by Charles Bukowski:

“Mailman! Mailman!”

“Yes, ma’am?” I asked.


I looked down at my pouch and sure enough, I had left the leather flap open. A drop or two had fallen in from a hole in the porch roof.

I walked off. That does it, I thought, only an idiot would go through what I am going through. I am going to find a telephone and tell them to come get their mail and jam their job. Jonstone wins.

The moment I decided to quit, I felt much better. Through the rain I saw a building at the bottom of the hill that looked like it might have a telephone in it. I was halfway up the hill. When I got down I saw it was a small café. There was a heater going. Well, sh*t, I thought, I might as well get dry. I took off my raincoat and my cap, threw the mailpouch on the floor and ordered a cup of coffee.

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