Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the last book I ever read (Jim Harrison's The River Swimmer, excerpt nine)

from The River Swimmer: Novellas (The River Swimmer) by Jim Harrison:

By midafternoon he wobbily hauled himself up a rusty iron ladder at Meigs Field, the island airport. He slumped to the very warm cement facedown to absorb some heat for his cold body. It was only minutes before he looked up and saw a security car with flashing lights headed toward him. It stopped with the front tires not that far from his head. He heard a voice.

“Are you dead?”

“Apparently not,” he answered. “I swam down from Muskegon in the last couple days.”

“Oh bullsh*t!”

“Okay, I walked on water!”

“You can’t nap here. This is an airport.”

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