Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the last book I ever read (The Big O by Oscar Robertson, excerpt sixteen)

from The Big O: My Life, My Times, My Game by Oscar Robertson:

Since 1999, when Joe and Gavin Maloof became the majority owners of the Sacramento Kings, they’ve turned that moribund franchise around, transforming it from one of the NBA’s graveyards into a crown jewel. The Kings are a title contender for the first time, really, since Jerry Lucas and I had our chances ruined by that stupid trade that got rid of Bob Boozer.

The Maloofs invited me and some others from the franchise’s history out for the weekend. They didn’t have to have a ceremony, didn’t have to acknowledge the Kings’ roots in Cincinnati, didn’t have to do any of this, NBA program or not. But they not only hosted the weekend, they treated everyone very well. It was one of the most professional situations I’ve been involved in, in my life.

That was a wonderful gesture, let me tell you. While in Sacramento, my wife and I had some talks with their superstar forward, Chris Webber. My wife spoke to him about African art.

So other than my Olympic and all-star jerseys, every number I’ve ever worn has been retired. I guess I am a regular living legend.

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