Monday, July 2, 2012

the last book I ever read (Lizz Free or Die, excerpt one)

from Lizz Winstead's Lizz Free or Die: Essays:

Exploring fear as a commodity is not a new idea. I just never understood why it worked.

If the idea of God is such a good one, why keep selling me on the bad parts? I don’t see McDonald’s ads trying to entice me by saying, “If you eat here every day, you will slowly clog your entire arterial system with a sludge that will lead you to morbid obesity and premature death.” No, the McDonald’s executives are apparently smarter than the leaders of a centuries-old religion. They show me hot, glistening fries, and I succumb.

Truth be told, I am not inspired to embrace beliefs that terrify me. The hands, the crucifix, the deep red bleeding heart embedded with thorns that hung next to the kitchen door--none of these symbols motivated me to do one good thing in the name of anyone.

And, really, why would I? I won’t even go back to a store if the clerk treats me like shit.

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