Monday, August 1, 2011

we've got trouble, right here in Kings of Leon City

so according to Rolling Stone (Matthew Perpetua has the scoop), the Kings of Leon have canceled their remaining U.S. tour dates, which should come as no surprise to anyone paying any recent attention at all to the band.

and though the Followills have previously participated in familial fisticuffs, it sounds like the more recent, less physical conflicts may ultimately prove more damaging.

I wrote a KoL piece back in the day (2007) when the band was wondering when, if ever, they would hit in America, that was picked up by a number of alt-weeklies (St. Louis and Kansas City and Houston and . . . ).
and then I was in the photographer's pit (see above) at Madison Square Garden on the night that their stateside ascension became undeniable.

but in between, just before they "broke" actually, I interviewed lead singer and songwriter Caleb Followill (recently married and, if the rumors are true, the central figure in the band's recent trials) for the Village Voice in what very well may be his longest published conversation.

of course, long does not always mean good, but I'm sure you can make the compromise later in some kind of super committee.

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