Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how Walker Percy might fit in all of this (part two)

we've talked before about how Walker Percy might fit in all of this, specifically about The Last Physician: Walker Percy & the Moral Life of Medicine, the book that Carl Elliott co-edited, and the foreword where Carl writes about his decision to turn away from medicine (I was never faced with that decision, by the way, so this isn't like an example of parallels, or at least not neat ones).

and, as mentioned before, there's a chapter by filmmaker Ross McElwee (McElwee's Time Indefinite is the last movie I ever saw, though I've certainly seen it before), whose father and brother were doctors, entitled "The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes," part of which goes like this:

Writing would provide for Percy what medicine could not: a way to undertake that "search" that Binx Bolling would describe in The Moviegoer. It would give rein to all of Percy's observational powers, powers that he could train on his personal past in his death-haunted South, as well as into the future on the possibility of finding some sort of redemption.

soon (very soon) I'll be revisiting Conversations with Walker Percy for my final prep for my final 49 year old interview.

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