Monday, May 16, 2011

episode 2 (nrqfdlaocyeubyartwdfw)

non-random quotes from David Lipsky's Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace:

“David Lynch, Blue Velvet coming along when it did, I think saved me from droppin’ out of school. And saved me maybe even from quittin’ as a writer. ‘Cause I’d always—if I could have made a movie, right at that time? That would have been it. I mean, I vibrated on every frequency.
Including the fact that it was absolutely horrifying. That that’s not a movie about a kid discovering horror in a town. It’s about a kid discovering that he—that there are parts of himself that are just like Frank Booth. And it’s a weird movie, ‘cause the climax comes at the end of act two, when Frank turns around in the car, and looks at Jeffrey and says, ‘You’re like me.’”

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