Wednesday, February 23, 2011


been trying to meet you.

wait a minute. that's not right.

hey. how are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
actually I'm a bit tried (oops - that should be tired; as in, actually I'm a bit tired. your honor, the defense rests and I wish I could too).
emotionally drained, maybe, as I've been working (well, not necessarily today) on this Dave Duerson piece almost non-stop (minus eating, sleeping and two very good interviews) since early Sunday afternoon.
it's been an interesting experience, a unique experience spending so much time with just my voice and the voice of a thoughtful man so recently passed, and I can't remember ever shouldering (on my own, of course) so much responsibility for 2,500 words before.
but it seems like we've done okay.

and I'll be talking about it on the radio in both Canada and Chicago later this afternoon and evening.
of course, if you're not in Canada or Chicago today then this information is pretty much wasted on you.


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