Tuesday, March 31, 2009

less than 20 hours remain in the month of March

(yes Virginia, it's past four in the morning)
my self-imposed deadline for finishing at least a strong draft of the Tusk book.
and barring some last minute intervention by editing elves inside my computer (something's been inside both our laptop and Mac recently, but whatever it is certainly hasn't been helping), it ain't going to happen.

and tonight Stevie Nicks, who was just in town for several days less than two weeks ago, is coming to New York to mock me.

actually, mocking me probably isn't on her publicist's schedule.
she's scheduled for a CD signing (and where do you physically sign a CD? it's really not the same as a book signing, you know?) tonight at the Union Square Barnes & Noble so probably won't have time for the mocking.
(I'll let you research the details. I won't be there, as I've got a book to write (and the sun's been in my eyes. and I have to wash (what's left of) my hair. and . . .)

it's been 161 days since Lindsey Buckingham ended his Gift of Screws tour in New York.
you know, the date we were waiting on before Lindsey and I could do the two-years-in- the-making Tusk sitdown.

oops. I may be giving away too much of the plot.

avoid pistachios!

and for you Keith Urban fans (Urban, in a USA Today interview published this morning, called Lindsey his "favorite mad scientist"), Amazon will be offering his Defying Gravity album (released today) as a $3.99 download until just after midnight.

(yeah, I'm punchy. did you miss the part where my book's not finished and it's after four a.m.? damn.)

Twitter on, Wayne.
Twitter on, Garth.

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  1. Hi from Germany. I love Tusk since I bought it in 1979 when I was 13 years old. I'm really looking forward to your book and to the next Fleetwood Mac concerts in Germany in October this year.