Thursday, March 12, 2009

an iTunes landmark (personal)

so my spouse was attempting to download a Kindle application onto the iTouch that I won from the New York Times last year for having the most accurate bracket for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship (yeah, go figure).
and due to an increasingly frustrating Internet connection (I blame Time Warner Cable), she forced to restart the computer after her purchase.
which somehow triggered a reload of R.E.M.'s "Living Well is the Best Revenge" from their Accelerate album.
reload, as in it's a duplicate.

don't rush me. I'm getting there.

long story long: this duplication of a previous purchase became the 49,000th "item" in our iTunes library.
which strikes even me as a bit excessive.

supposedly this catalog of 49,000 items (I do like that number, though) requires 239.56 GB of storage space on our computer.
and I believe it.
the burgeoning iTunes library, combined with more and more photographs, instigated our purchase of a newer, larger iMac back in October of 2007.
which is when we had to restart the iTunes play count since we transferred it from the old to a new computer.

if you began with the very first track, fellow native Alabamian A.A. Bondy's "Killed Myself When I Was Young" from his American Hearts album, and walked away to allow the computer to exhaust itself on its 49,000 item playlist it would take, according to the notation at the bottom of our iTunes window, 139.4 days to play every track at least once.

the item played most often since October 16, 2007 at 6:35 p.m. (EST)?
the National's "Brainy." surprising since I have never written a word (for pay anyway) on the National.

world without end.


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