Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what's on television this Wednesday

some late night writing action until early this morning so by the time I was out of bed NBC had already started their Wimbledon broadcast with the expected butt-whupping of Ancic by Federer.

and since this was more background company than attention-getting, I missed the 1 o'clock turnaround and caught the first few minutes of an obvious repeat of "The Martha Stewart Show."

honestly, I've always loathed MS and only let go of the Martha Stewart as Antichrist theory when she was sent to prison (because, well, if she was the Antichrist she probably could've avoided prison). thusly, I have never seen her on her own television show.

so I did the figurative jaw drop when she asked the audience if they had had a good weekend just before launching into her own detailed recap. it seems whatever weekend it was (though it occurred during cold weather season) Martha took yet another tennis lesson with her Belgian instructor on her friend's nearby indoor tennis court and yet still managed to ride her horses at least twice, making mention of her "stable manager" and suggesting that everyone use their GPS devices to properly map out riding trails.

I mean, I can't remember seeing a less identifiable host, which is a bit odd considering her line of work. are we as consumers supposed to aspire to the level of her bath towels and cookbooks? kind of like lower middle class factory workers voting as if they hope to one day be Republican enough to take advantage of upper class tax breaks themselves? voting as if one day they might possess enough cash and/or negotiable securities that their son or daughter won't have to depend on military service in Iraq just to insure a steady paycheck?


then ESPN took over Wimbledon coverage at 1 Eastern and managed to show Rafael Nadal's short work of local fav Andy Murray.

more background for me.

but I may actually pay some attention to the four p.m. showing of 1938 Best Picture winner You Can't Take It With You on TCM.

read: some attention. I still have much transcribing (Aimee Mann interview last week, Possibly 4th Street sessions with Falcon and the Alabama 3 just yesterday) and photo editing to do.

free music alert: Podington Bear is giving away two full albums. and yes, it's very electronical (which seems to be the music most given away these days; draw your own conclusions) and yes, you have to fill out a form, but it's free. and with none of that nagging moral downside.

and though my own literary efforts for the short-term will be confined to several sessions much like the one in this morning's wee hours (and no, you can't read it anytime soon), my first baseball tome, Cup of Coffee, did receive a nice shout-out (next-to-last paragraph, if memory serves) in a CBS Sportsline piece on Scott McCaughey and Steve Wynn's Baseball Project album (out next Tuesday).

time to warm up for the movie.

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