Friday, September 22, 2006

lambchop rocks

I don't understand why everyone doesn't agree that Lambchop isn't the best band on the planet. or at least the neighborhood I was in (crowded with San Gennaro Feast goers) on Thursday night.
sure, they played lots of Damaged material (including "Paperback Bible" to open and "The Decline of Country and Western Civilization" to close the set), but the unsung (actually it was sung) star of the show was 2000's underrated (at least by Nixon as three tracks made appearances, including a righteous version of "You Masculine You" at the encore.

if you had told me I'd go to a Lambchop show where they played three cuts off of Nixon and none of them were "Up With People" I wouldn't have believed you. and I'm amazed that that's not more disappointing.

going without dinner will make you light-headed. and hungry.

Princeton this weekend.
go tigers. beat them leopards.

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