Wednesday, September 6, 2006

do not call me at home

not that I ever answer the phone anyway, but there's now an ironclad moratorium for the next seven days.

yes, it's that time of every four years again: the last week of primary season. next Tuesday the Democrats and the Republicans (yep, there are a couple here in New York City) face off in a hair vs. hair, loser leave town match (don't I wish), which means that after weeks of beautiful silence the damn phone is now ringing off the damn hook. four recorded messages today alone.

leave me alone, dammit.

two more publications popped this afternoon: a feature on Minus 5 frontman Scott McCaughey for Riverfront Times and a review of former Fugazi drummer turned filmmaker Brendan Canty's Burn to Shine 03: Portland (with an unnecessarily clogged intro) in Phoenix New Times.

happy reading.

(photo credit: Jim Saah)

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