Friday, January 27, 2006

the shortstop's in

which doesn't mean that The Shortstop's out. I believe that happens on February 9. My author copies arrived yesterday and the book looks good with the exception of an inexplicable misspelling of Khalil Greene's name on the back cover.

Other news I don't feel like writing about:
Oprah's rather sanctimonious (at least that was the tone of the show's transcript) backpedal on James Frey, and journalists tripping over themselves to call her courageous when she should've had her shit together in the beginning (if Novocaine-free root canal sounds phony now, why didn't it when she read the damn book? she does read her selections, right?). Whatever you do, don't cross Oprah (see Jonathan Franzen).

I also don't feel like writing about my twelve hour nap one week ago tonight, or our trip to The Blue Note eight days ago, or really anything that happened this week.

last book read: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning by Jonathan Mahler
the book before that: The Manchurian Candidate (BFI Film Classics) by Greil Marcus

listening to right this very second: Vic Chesnutt's Is The Actor Happy?
last Hendrix album listened to: Electric Ladyland
last Violent Femmes album: Hallowed Ground

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