Thursday, January 12, 2006

no rest for the weary

just because seemingly not a single band is touring (not even Modest Mouse) does it mean that publicists across America did not start the new year in an industrious fashion (is there a double, perhaps a triple Lutz, negative in the previous sentence?).

yea verily, the mailbox is filled to near overflowing: Chris Thile & Mike Marshall's Live Duets, Lunasa's Se (inset your own accent marks on this one - I've tried), Cavalier King's The Sun Revolutions, Clearlake's Amber, Robert Pollard's From a Compound Eye, P.O.S.' Audition, Luke Doucet's Broken (and other rogue states), East River Pipe's What Are You On?, Michael Camilo's Rhapsody in Blue and The Minus 5's The Gun Album have all arrived this week.

last book read: Mark Feeney's Nixon at the Movies

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