Saturday, October 1, 2005



I've spent too much time this morning dreaming of Lexington (I have my reasons), catching up by phone with long gone friends (always enjoyable but still, there's work to be done), avoiding both the broken rod in the closet and task of transcription (today - my interview with NL MVP shortstop Dick Groat).
But the transcribing is about to happen (albeit in front of the television - Yankees vs. Red Sox, Florida vs. Alabama). I swear.

My buddy and former roommate Inman Majors' wonderful (pun intended) novel Wonderdog has made it to paperback - a well-deserved feat. W'dog is funny and insightful (especially if you're caught in the gravitational pull of the ever growing class of lawyers who wish they weren't lawyers).
Consider this a recommendation to click on the cover art and pull out your credit card.

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