Thursday, October 27, 2005

top ten for thirteen months

October 27th is the thirteen month anniversary of my iPod ownership. And following is a list of the top ten most played songs over that thirteen month period (make of it what you will):

"Perfect Situation" by Weezer (from Make Believe)
"This Boy Is Exhausted by The Wrens (The Meadowlands)
"Dead" by They Might Be Giants (Flood)
"She Sends Kisses" by The Wrens (The Meadowlands)
"As Far As I Know" by Paul Westerberg (Folker)
"Cosmopolitan" by Nine Black Alps (EP)
"$100 Groom" by Paul Westerberg (Folker)
"Headache" by Frank Black (Teenager of the Year)
"Over The Ocean" by Nine Black Alps (EP)
"Hopeless" by The Wrens (The Meadowlands)

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