Thursday, September 8, 2005

weezer and . . .

For those of you keeping score at home (have your pencils and scorepads ready), another two, or three, or four (depending upon your choice of scoring system) pubs have appeared in the world since, well, since I last posted an announcement of recent publications.

No Depression's "Tenth Anniversary Spectacular" also marks my first contribution to the magazine. And hey, if you're going to do something, why not do it as much as you can? It's, as they say, the American Way. The point being, I've got two pieces in the issue.

No Depression doesn't post their articles online, but the mag is well worth the price of admission. My review of Michelle Shocked's afternoon Disney set at Joe's Pub here in New York City can be found beginning on page 21. And a profile, I guess, of a house (the piece focuses on the home studio of Nashville engineer Eric McConnell who refuses to name his studio or answer to "engineer." But his East Nashville residence has played recording host to my friend Will Kimbrough, Todd Snider and the recent Grammy winning sessions of Loretta Lynn, produced by Jack White), entitled "Eight-Track Mind" can be found on page 172.
But I can offer the photograph that ran alongside. Look up (now, a little to your left).
And while we're on topic, and with full knowledge that I might be labeled a suck up, I must mention that it was a pleasure to work with ND editor Grant Alden.

Also - both New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Miami New Times were kind enough to run my feature on Weezer's Rivers Cuomo.
It kindly felt like a big deal in the writing portion, as Rivers doesn't do so many interviews and I rather expect this piece will run at least a couple more places.

Tonight also marks the beginning of Weezer's North American co-headlining tour with Foo Fighters (they started just north of Atlanta). And tomorrow evening the band will serve as musical guest on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (check your local listings).
Which is as good a reason as any to make the song of the day Weezer's "Perfect Situation" (from their latest album, Make Believe).

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