Thursday, September 22, 2005

song of the day: the wallflowers’ “i am a building”

For the second time in less than a week, logging onto is causing a Netscape error. And Netscape’s not even the browser I’m using.

Up early (too early) because I dreamed about my friend and North Carolina native Will Blythe. I woke up because, in the dream, I got my feelings hurt, which really kind of stays with you longer than one of those simple boogeyman dreams from youth.
The whole episode’s most likely a byproduct of attending last night’s Ross McElwee screening and discussion at MoMA (which continues through the weekend). McElwee is also from North Carolina, and the state plays heavy in his films.

Song of the Day, “I Am A Building,” is in my head, I’m pretty sure, for its infectious, near circus-like instrumentation. I haven’t written about The Wallflowers in months, so I’m not certain why it’s coming back now, unless it’s that Jakob Dylan’s vocals on this song sound exactly like Bruce Springsteen, who, of course, was accused of copping Jakob’s father’s vocal (and lyrical) style on his own early works. And I do perform a hit and run on Geoffrey Himes’ Born In The U.S.A., one of four new 33 1/3 works just released, on the Phila Weekly piece I just submitted.

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