Thursday, August 11, 2005

random thoughts (thursday)

lots of new interview material posted.

if the last three weekends are any indication, long about Saturday morning the New York Times will run a feature on a relatively young woman who writes about her sex life in her blog. or a relatively young woman who writes about her sex life in her blog which is read by her employer who fires the relatively young woman (ostensibly because she recognizes too much of her own past life as a relatively young, sexually active woman).
and, of course, everyone involved is on the verge of signing a book/movie deal.
because, really, all they ever wanted to be was a writer.

see what you started, Kathryn Harrison?

yep, the NYT - the official "technology" voyeur of the 2012 non-New York Olympic Games.

I am neither young (I will turn Hank Aaron's number in exactly one week) nor female. and I'm not so much an exhibitionist either.
what price fame?

here's what drives me, my blog (at least for the moment):
yesterday, one block away from the day job, waiting for the light to change, I was shat upon by a bird.
yes, I'm well aware that this is supposed to represent good luck, but I would rather not start my day scrubbing my khakis with paper towels in the men's room.
I leave for vacation in approx 16 hours. this stresses me beyond explanation.
how the hell am I supposed to know what books, clothes, computer files I'll need over the next ten days? it's not like we're driving. a backpack. maybe two.
talk about your Stranded.
I am furiously trying to finish Mary Karr's The Liar's Club (last book finished: Buzz Bissinger's Three Nights in August), not because I'm not enjoying it but because if I can get through those last few pages before tomorrow morning then that's one more new book I can find room for.
I have a message on my voice mail, but the voice mail phone number is busy. and has been since I first dialed around noon.
there is an extraordinary, unprecendented amount of wall space in my closet.
because sometime today (while I was at the day job) the rod which supports shirts, jackets, pants on hangers, crashed to the floor. broken support at closet's end.
what do you bet it'll still be that way when I return from vacation?

one new article published this week: on dinosaur jr. in East Bay Express.

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