Sunday, August 21, 2005

paradise lost

Well, not actually paradise per se, but nonetheless the vacation is over.

While away, Phoenix New Times reprinted the 33 1/3 piece, I celebrated yet another birthday, finished Mary Karr's The Liar's Club, Stanley Booth's True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, John Albert's Wrecking Crew, Greil Marcus' Like A Rolling Stone and Jim Fusilli's Pet Sounds, got a little sun and learned that Madeleine Peyroux had gone missing.

I'd thought about Ms. Peyroux recently because Birthday 2004, owing to unusual family circumstances, was spent with Madeleine in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in preparation for an East Bay Express feature. Her Careless Love album was about a month away from release date. What a difference a year makes.

Though next week's schedule looks very hairy indeed (details at a later date), my intention is to look over my interview with Ms. Peyroux and get it posted in the near future.

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