Tuesday, July 19, 2005

song of the day: rolling stones' "happy"

Life, as we know it, is still extremely busy (don't cry for me (insert name of country here)). The only reading I seem to get done has been on the subway and, of course, the 33 1/3 series is perfect for that.

I'm reading Bill Janovitz' Exile on Main St. now (I think it's the ninth book in the series that I've read) and it obviously (or maybe not) causes the album to take a prime position on the iPod.

Janovitz writes: "In many ways, Exile is considered Keith's record: recorded at his house, more or less on his schedule, vocals down in the mix, guitars up."

Long live Keith.

I'm still planning to post, when time allows, interviews with 33 1/3 authors.
And on a similar note - when browsing the hard drive I learned that seven years ago today I was at Gany's Cafe in Prague interviewing writer Michal Viewegh. On first glance it seems to hold up pretty well, so that one will also likely see the light of day.

So don't touch that dial.

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