Thursday, July 21, 2005

lopate show post-mortem

Don't really know what to say here. Coulda been better, coulda been worse. But it was very nice to be invited since it's a program I've listened to countless times, most often when I was doing the freelance thing full-time and was home with complete audio control during the day.

I'm not the only interviewer who becomes a bit self-conscious when the tables are turned. When you transcribe a lot of interviews you're very aware of certain verbal tendencies - um, you know, like . . .
I've listened to my segment once and was primarily struck by my overuse of the word "absolutely" (I never say "absolutely," so go figure).

Anywho - for your aural edification - available over the Internet as well as an iPod-loadable MP3: the July 20, 2005 edition of ""The Leonard Lopate Show."

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