Thursday, August 22, 2019

the last book I ever read (Colson Whitehead's The Nickel Boys, excerpt eight)

from The Nickel Boys: A Novel by Colson Whitehead:

So it was. Chickie Pete from Cleveland, a man now.

He didn’t run into a lot of people from the old days. One of the advantages of living up north. He saw Maxwell one time at a wrestling match at the Garden, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in a steel match swooping through the air like a giant bat. Maxwell as in line at one of the concessions, close enough to see the six-inch scar on his forehead that leapt over his eye socket and gouged into his jaw. And he thought he saw pigeon-toed Birdy once outside Gristedes, had that same curly golden hair, but the guy looked straight through him. As if he were in disguise, crossing the border under false documents.

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