Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the last book I ever read (The Prince of Silicon Valley by Randall Smith, excerpt four)

from The Prince of Silicon Valley: Frank Quattrone and the Dot-Com Bubble by Randall Smith:

Unlike in the first trial, when jurors slept or wrangled over trivia, this group formed a cohesive, collegial bond. They often discussed which actors resembled the key players. Movie buff Sheldon Silver, the public relations receptionist who was himself a former actor, thought Keker resembled James Caan, and that Judge Owen looked like Jason Robards or Lionel Barrymore. He also thought Quattrone resembled Kevin Spacey, or maybe Dylan McDermott.

Miller, juror number one, kept some notes of his reactions. When Peikin stood to deliver the government opening, he reminded Miller of Sergeant Joe Friday from the old TV series Dragnet. Miller thought, “He is brilliant. I like him right away. He is crisp, clear and confident, without any arrogance.” His remarks were organized “just like high-school English class.”

When defense attorney Little gave her opening statement, Miller found her argument “fragmented and weak.” He and a few other jurors thought she looked like actress Glenn Close.

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