Monday, May 21, 2012

the last book I ever read (Seasons in Hell, excerpt six)

from Mike Shropshire's Seasons in Hell:

The Hope of the Franchise said all of the right things, for print purposes, and was more quotable than most of his allegedly street-savvy big-league companions. My initial impression was that Clyde was totally tuned in to the fact that a person could pass through 1,000 lifetimes and not experience what he was shortly to encounter. Like the rest of the world, Clyde most certainly had his vulnerabilities, but stage fright wasn't among them.

His only special request from the Rangers, he said (after confirming that Bob Short's bonus check of 150 grand had cleared the bank), was to ask for uniform Number 32 . . . same as Sandy Koufax. In that initial interview, my only suspicions that David Clyde might be carrying a couple of loose connections were aroused when he said that (a) he was thinking about getting married and (b) his career ambition was to become a sportswriter.

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