Friday, July 29, 2011


after walking out of talks with the President one week ago, on Monday night Speaker Boehner insisted that he was the leader of the whole House and not just House Republicans. he offered a bill that proposed similar spending cuts to Senate Leader Reid's bill but one that would institute two separate debt ceiling increases, therefore demanding that we revisit these economy-jarring histrionics once again just before Christmas.

and then after no vote on Tuesday, no vote on Wednesday, no vote on Thursday because Speaker Boehner could not gain enough Republican ayes to pass his theoretically bipartisan compromise (no House Democrat is on record as supportive) that had no chance of making it through the Senate and no chance of gaining the President's signature, Speaker Boehner decided that his final hours (just over 100 right now) before the government defaults on its economic promises for the first time in our history would be better used bending to the most extreme and recalcitrant members of his own party (the one he supposedly leads) rather than working towards a true bipartisan compromise that might actually end this crisis.

if you cannot sell your bag of rotting vegetables, adding more rotting vegetables to the original package does not increase its attractiveness.
you have to harvest something new.

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