Sunday, April 25, 2010

a rather watery day

so it was raining when we got up (very, very, very early), raining when we left, raining when we got on the subway, raining when we caught New Jersey Transit to Newark, raining when we rode the Newark Light Rail (my first time ever) and raining when we arrived at Branch Brook Park.
and it rained the entire time we walked.

some walkers had made banners to honor loved ones lost to breast cancer and of course we have friends and family who have battled or are currently battling breast cancer.

and as I rode home (Light Rail to Newark, PATH train to the World Train Center (though you no longer travel through the open footprint), walk over to City Hall (since the 2/3 weren't running from Church Street) to the R, switch at Union Square to the N - this took a while) I finished reading Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life (which is now the last book I ever read; the one before that: The Good Soldiers. both are recommended, neither for the faint of heart).
and of course the titular subjects of almost all biographies die at the end.
and Raymond Carver died of cancer on August 2, 1988 which, today, came right around the Trade Center.

you can still contribute to the Susan G. Komen North Jersey Race for the Cure through the end of May.

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