Thursday, February 5, 2009

reading the music blogs more than I should

because there wasn't a lot of interest in the Times this morning and, truthfully, I'm dragging my feet a bit on transcribing my interview with Gareth of Los Campesinos! (even though it was a good one).

in a double stroke of luck, two recent assignments, Bonnie "Prince" Billy for Anthem and yesterday's interview with The Fray for, have come complete with transcription services.
of course, the accuracy leaves something to be desired (no one's going to be able to catch the nuances, inflections, et al, that the interviewer can after spending a lifetime with one voice, an hour or so with the other, you know, the advantage of just "being there"), but double-checking passages is a lot less strenuous than doing the full transcription.
call me spoiled.

but back to the blogs. the Cramps' Lux Interior is dead, though Springsteen sang live at the Super Bowl, the E Street Band's tracks were pre-recorded, Pitchfork pretty much skewered Ben Kweller's new album (the word "half-assed" appears twice in the final sentence) and has a rather insipid interview with the "laid-back and gregarious" (?) Kings of Leon backstage in Chicago. and for some reason the interview states that the group is a "Memphis foursome" (three are from in and around Nashville, one from Oklahoma and now all four Followills live in the Music City. guess Spin's fact-checkers have been laid off like everyone else).

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