Sunday, January 4, 2009

yep, it's the new year

and if you're a careful reader you will notice that, yes, it's now four o'clock in the morning and even I should be in bed.
(I was. It didn't take.)

three full 24-hour cycles have passed and the only thing that all three have in common is that I have done some transcribing (Possibly 4th Street interviews with Chris Simpson (Zookeeper) and Jim Fairchild (All Smiles) and a Tusk (book) interview with A.C. Newman - pretty good progress for what could be termed holidays (not that freelancers actually have holidays) if I say so my own self - and watched at least part of one or another football game (boy, Utah kind of took it to Alabama, didn't they? I wouldn't have believed a Mountain West team was faster than an SEC team had I not seen it).
which, I guess, means, that despite my fondness for new beginnings, 2009, at least, has been overwhelmed with the soundcheck syndrome.
that is, a lot of hurry up and wait.

I wrote a piece or two for Grant Alden when No Depression was still alive and kicking, but probably ended up hiring him (a short-term Internet venture I was editing) more than the other way around because I'm such a big fan (still) of his writing.
and so even though I have exactly zero pleasant personal experiences with the here today, gone tomorrow, oh we're back again Oxford American, I did visit their site to read Grant's latest piece, "Lost Calling," which I can, of course, heartily recommend.

and anyone yearning to relive their more youthful prog rock days would be well-served to hit by day's end (I'm guessing midnight PST) since The Yes Album (the whole thing) is being offered as a mp3 download for a mere 99 cents.

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